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Boulder City Model
Agent: Sheree Wilson             Manager: Tracey Silvers​, Assist: Iren Koster  
​Baskow & Associates             Real Deal Management, Hollywood
sheree@baskow.com              tsilvers@realdealmanagement.com

Model Direct: rosehilltalent@gmail.com

National Promotional Modeling: Jvonshay Lucci

​Artist: Lee Lanier
Founder of Dr Sketchy Boulder City
Founder of Dam Short Film Festival
Member of Boulder City Arts Guild
Lee's website

Rose Hill as Cleopatra model, drawing for SALE
​Jana RedRoom, The Arts Factory Las Vegas.
"Pirate Queen" SOLD  
​inspired & painted by Lee Lanier
Next session Life Painting - April 24, 2016
Boulder City Arts Guild​
With Rose Hill as 'Tavern Maiden​'
Dr Sketchy Boulder City by Lee Lanier
Rose Hill as Guest Model as "French Maid​​"
Dr Sketchy Boulder City 
Rose Hill featuring on Pin Up Calendar 2017 for MARCH